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why is my life like this?

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    Dear sir,
    I have a disfunctional family, where my father physically and verbally abuses us, then there is my mother who dosent understand my feelings, and have no friends to share my pain, all are fake.
    why is my life like this?

    Name: jey
    dob: 31/08/2001
    time: 2pm
    place: chennai,Tn

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear Jey,

    As I can see from your horoscope, you are a pious, generous, sincere person. You are born under Sagittarius and that is ruled by Jupiter. Which is a Satvik planet. You cannot see pain of others and also you are always ready to help others. However in life, unfortunately, you will never be reciprocated in the same manner. However, God has given you lot of energy and initiative to do things for others and Jupiter does not make you feel bad about it. You want to do more and more and that makes you truly special.

    You know your Rahu mahadasha is going on. Rahu Mahadasha is very unkind period, because it takes us away from a very protected world to a more cruel world, where we face harsh realities of life. Including those from friends and family. You have to understand that nobody in the world will work or feel the way you want, somewhere in life you have to draw a balance on what people will do for you. The little expectations you have the better you will be. Not to say that you have a sour relationship with your parents. However many times we don’t understand the pain, frustration and anger that they are going in their challenging circumstances. Many times parents do not disclose how upset they are to their children. However if someone is upset, it shows all around them. If one is upset, his tone, body language, behaviour can tell us that he/she is upset. When someone is upset you cannot expect them to behave right, because something inside them is irritating them. People who cannot hold on to their emotions take is on others verbally or physically. It is not that they don’t love you, it is just that they are not in the right frame of mind. I feel you should not focus too much on them when they are irritated, because your parents do love you and when they are fine, would express their love and care for you.

    You should read Hanuman Chalisa Daily. It will give you mental peace and happiness. It will also give you lot of inner strength.


    Navneet Khanna

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