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Worried about my daughter's future

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    Respected Sir, im here to ask about my daughter’s future.
    My daughter is already going through a hard time because of her kethu dasa, she is failing her exams even after putting so much efforts.
    Im worried about her future because her next dasa is sukhra dasa and her lagna is vricshaka.
    I have heard people say that sukra dasa has bad effect on virchaga lagna people.
    Im worried it will affect her carrier or marriage because sukradasa is for a long period.
    Please tell me if it will affect her for the next 20years or will she have a smooth life.
    Details: female
    D.o.b: 2.3.1996
    Time: 23:45
    Place of birth: chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    Thanks in Advance

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at the horoscope of your daughter she will enter the Venus or Shukar mahadasha on April 2017. As Venus mooltrikona sign is in the 12th house of her horoscope, Venus is a functional malefic planet for her.

    One thing that you should remember that no Mahadasha is going to give 1 type of results for the complete period.

    Venus Mahadasha is for 20 years, therefore you will not get one type of results for 20 years. The results will depend upon the transit or gochar. Whenever Venus is weak or afflcited in Gochar / Transit you can expect bad results. Whenever Venus would be strong in Gochar you can expect good results.


    Navneet Khanna

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