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Astrology Gemstone | Procedure to wear a Gemstone

gemstone procedure

Planets are believed to have a benefic or malefic impact on your life of individuals. This impact is determined by the house they are placed in, in your birth horoscope. Each planet governs the different gemstones. Wearing gemstones that correspond with a specific planet can enhance the positive impact of the planet or can help minimize the negative influence of ... Read More »

Vedic Astrology and Gemstones


Wearing gemstones can bring success, good luck, prosperity and happiness into your life. For the stones to be effective, they have to be chosen with care. The concept behind wearing gemstones is simple. The horoscope of each person has planets placed in benefic and malefic houses. The gemstones are recommended by an astrologer on basis of the placement of planets ... Read More »

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