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Astrology Gemstone | Procedure to wear a Gemstone

Planets are believed to have a benefic or malefic impact on your life of individuals. This impact is determined by the house they are placed in, in your birth horoscope. Each planet governs the different gemstones. Wearing gemstones that correspond with a specific planet can enhance the positive impact of the planet or can help minimize the negative influence of it. To experience the benefits of wearing a gemstone, the prescribed procedure of wearing it must be followed.  Detailed below are the procedures to follow for wearing a gemstone.

  1. Gemstones can be real or synthetic. For astrological purposes, a real gemstone must be worn. A qualified astrologer prescribes the proper gemstone and can help you pick the right one.
  2. Gemstones that are flawed, cracked or feature specks or other imperfections are not considered ideal for wearing. The chosen gemstone is set in a metal that is considered to be compatible for it. Yellow sapphires are set in gold, whereas blue sapphire and the cat’s eye are set in silver.
  3. Planets rule the fingers of your hand. Gemstones are worn on the finger that corresponds with the stone you are intending to wear. The stones can be made into a ring or a locket. Rings can be worn on the fingers of the right or left hand, although rings worn on the right hand are believed to bring better results.
  4. As gemstones can have a positive or negative impact, they must be tested before wearing them. The traditional method for testing a stone for suitability involves placing it under your pillow night before sleeping for 7 days. While testing a stone, a close eye must be kept on the events of each day, to gage the impact of the gemstone. Testing the stone is considered to be a crucial step, especially in the case of quick acting stones like the blue sapphire or the cat’s eye.
  5. When wearing a stone for the first time, an auspicious time and the correct day of the week must be chosen for this. This is as every day of the week is ruled by a specific planet and each day is divided into 12 parts, according to the 12 sun signs.
  6. Gemstones must be purified before wearing. This removes negative energy from it. Mantras for the planet that rule the stone are then chanted for a minimum of 108 times, to charge the gemstone with positive vibrations.

Gem Information Regarding Some Precious Gemstones

Yellow Sapphire

This gemstone is ruled by Jupiter. Thursday is the day to wear it and the it is set in gold. The ring is worn on the index finger of the right hand.

Red Coral

The red coral is ruled by Mars. The stone is set in copper or gold and worn on the ring finger. Tuesdays are governed by Mars, therefore, the ring is worn, for the first time, on a Tuesday.


This gemstone is ruled by the sun. The stone is set in gold, and the ring is worn on the ring finger, at an auspicious time, on a Sunday.

Blue Sapphire

The Blue sapphire is governed by Saturn. The stone is set in silver, platinum, gold or iron and worn on the middle finger a Saturday.


Mercury rules this gemstone. An Emerald is set in gold and the ring is worn on the little finger on a Wednesday.


This gemstone is ruled by the Moon. The stone is set in silver, and the ring is worn on the ring or little finger, at a fortunate time, on a Monday.


This gemstone is ruled by the dragon head. The stone is set in copper or silver and worn on the ring or middle finger. Wednesdays are governed by this planet. Therefore, the ring is worn, for the first time, on a Wednesday.

Cat’s Eye

This gemstone is ruled by the Dragon’s tail. The stone is set in silver, and the ring is worn on the ring or middle finger, at a favorable time, on a Wednesday.


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