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holistic healing
holistic healing

Astrology and Holistic healing (without medicines)

Diseases are caused due to placement of lagna lord in evil houses or by his association with evil planets. It means that Lagna lord should not be placed in 3,6,8 and 12.Similarly, lagna lord combining with lords of bad places(3,6,8 and 12) may cause diseases. Planets placed in 2 or 7 may cause diseases,as these two houses are said to be maraka houses. Diseases may also be caused when Guru is transiting in bad houses from birth moon place. If you are born with Moon in Aries,when Guru transits 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses from natal moon, you may get diseases.

When a planet is placed in enemy house,the dasa of that planet may give you serious sickness.

Patton ka juice ka ilaj

1. Aap  do mahine ke liye dudh ke sab cheejon ko chodna hai.

2. Aap do mahine ke liya sabhi meethe cheejon ko chodna hai.

sakkar,gud aur sahad  ke sab cheejon ko chodna hai.

3. Sare meethe phal ko bhi do mahine ke liye bandh karna hai.

4. Non veg,machli,anda,bir,brandy do mahino ke liye chodna hai.

5. Kaju,badam,pistha,walnut,batani(peanuts),palli(groundnut), alu(potato),tandhi drinks( pepsi,coca cola),chana dhal,urad dhal do mahine chodna hai. aap har roj subah yah juice ko khali pet par pina hai.yah juice ko channa(filter ) nahin karna.

dhania patta30, pudina patta 15, tulsi patta 15,kadi patta 15, pan patta 2,adrak 10gms,karela 15 gms.

aap ye sab cheejon ko chote tukde karke ,mixie men dal ke,60 ml pani dal ke mixie ke suru sab cheej juice hota hai. Chahe to kuch aur bhi pani dal sakte hain. chan na nahin karna.

About K.Umamaheswara Rao

K.Umamaheswara rao (k.u.m.rao), aged 74yrs, retd Senior Govt officer, Nellore, Andhra pradesh. Experience-Learnt astrology from elders and having experience for 30 Years. I give readings based on Parasara astrology. Holistic healing treatment (with leaf juices)-Learnt it from elders. No medicines are used. The patient has to prepare leaf juice by himself , by purchasing the recommended vegetable leaves from the local vegetable market. The patient's horoscope is studied before suggesting this treatment. The patient has to avoid milk products,sweets,nonveg for a minimum period of one month. Email - Phones--97045 91901

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