Saturn Related Business and Lal Litab Remedies

saturn remedies

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn rewards hard work and ensures that karmic debts are paid. Lal kitab remedies work to diminish the negative influence of inauspiciously placed planets and work to enhance your luck, good fortune and prosperity. The horoscope used in the Lal kitab and Vedic astrology are the same. The influences of Saturn and the remedies for the negative influences are described in detail in the Lal kitab. These remedies must be carried out during the day. When undertaken after sunset, they bring no results.

Real estate and building contractors, coal or fuel related business, art and business associated with leather or watches are governed by Saturn. Archaeology, Research, Statistics, Mining, lawyers and judges, security personnel and labourers are some professions that are ruled by this planet. Detailed below are some Lal kitab remedies to increase the auspicious influence of Saturn.

Lal kitab remedies for luck in business

Fill a glass container or an earthen pot with mustard oil. Bury it in the bottom of a pond to increase the positive influence of Saturn.

Bury black surma in the ground for business growth.

On a Saturday, donate a container filled with mustard oil to diminish the malefic influence of Saturn.

Smear mustard oil on bread and feed it to a dog or feed rice and lentils to fish to enhance the auspicious impact of Saturn.

Affix an iron nail to the main door of your house to off-set the harmful influences of Saturn.

Pour four liters of unboiled milk in a well to improve your luck in business.

Donate iron objects, leather, sesame seeds, black pepper, sandalwood, black peas and black clothing to prosper in business.

The position of Saturn in the natal chart is what determines whether its impact will be an auspicious or inauspicious one. A strongly placed Saturn is considered to be very beneficial, whereas, Saturn in a weak position is known to create serious problems in all aspects of life.

Lal kitab remedies for Saturn, according to its position in the horoscope.

The 1st House

Avoid a meat-based diet and alcohol consumption, as far as possible. Feed monkeys on a regular basis.

The 2nd House

Apply a tilak of milk or curd on the forehead. Give milk to a snake.

The 3rd House

Feed three dogs regularly. Donate free eye medication.

The 4th House

Feed rice to a buffalo or a crow. Pour milk in a well

The 5th House

Divide a portion of almonds in two parts, offer one part in a temple and keep the rest in the house.

The 6th House

Feed a black dog. Put almonds or a coconut in a river.

The 7th House

Feed crows regularly. Fill a flute with sugar and bury it in an isolated place.

The 8th House

Mix milk in bathing water and have a bath with it.

The 9th House

Politics, advertising and law are governed by Jupiter. Donate gold or saffron for work linked to Jupiter. Business related to milk dairy and water resources, among others, are ruled by the moon. Donate clothes and silver for work associated with the moon.

The 10th House

Visit a temple often. Feed blind people. Avoid consuming eggs, wine and meat.

The 11th House

Before starting an important project, place a container filled with water on the ground and pour either wine or oil on it for forty three consecutive days.

The 12th House

Tie twelve almonds in a piece of black cloth. Place it in an iron pot. Then, keep the pot in a dark room.

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