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Baby Name as per Nakshatra and Rashi

Why Keep baby name as per Nakshatra and Rashi?

Naming a baby according to their Nakshatra and Pada is a practice rooted in Vedic astrology and Hindu tradition. Nakshatras are lunar constellations, and each Nakshatra is divided into four parts called “Padas.” These Nakshatras and Padas are believed to carry specific energies and qualities that can influence a person’s life and destiny. Naming a baby based on these factors is thought to create a harmonious and positive influence on the child’s life journey. Here’s the significance of this practice:

What is a Rashi in Vedic Astrology

Rashi is the sign in which the Moon is transiting at the time of birth of the child.

What is a Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Nakshatra refers to the 27 lunar constellations that divide the zodiac in Vedic astrology. They influence an individual’s personality, life events, and are used for birth chart analysis and determining auspicious timings. Each Nakshatra has its own unique qualities, deity, symbol, and ruling planet. Every Nakshatra is divided into 4 charan or Padas.

Why Keep baby name as per Nakshatra and Rashi?

  1. Energetic Alignment: It is believed that the Nakshatra and Rashi under which a child is born can influence their inherent qualities, personality traits, and life path. Naming the baby in alignment with these energies is thought to enhance these qualities and support the child’s life journey.
  2. Astrological Balance: Vedic astrology emphasizes the balance of cosmic energies in an individual’s life. By naming a baby based on their Rashi, Nakshatra and Pada, parents aim to ensure that the child’s name resonates with the cosmic energies present at the time of birth, fostering balance and harmony.
  3. Positive Influence: The qualities associated with each Nakshatra and Rashi can have both positive and negative aspects. Naming a child to resonate with the positive qualities can help counteract potential challenges associated with their birth chart and enhance their positive traits.
  4. Life Path Enhancement: It is believed that the vibration of a person’s name can influence their life experiences and opportunities. Naming a child in accordance with their Nakshatra and Rashi can be seen as a way to enhance their life path and create opportunities for growth and success.
  5. Cultural and Traditional Significance: Naming a baby based on Nakshatra and Rashi is deeply rooted in Hindu traditions and culture. It connects the child to their spiritual heritage and carries a sense of continuity with ancestral practices.
  6. Personalized Approach: This practice allows parents to give their child a unique and personalized name that is tailored to their specific energies and qualities. It is seen as a way to honor and acknowledge the individuality of each child.
  7. Spiritual and Astrological Connection: Hindu astrology and spirituality are closely intertwined. Naming a child based on their Nakshatra and Rashi is a way to acknowledge the spiritual and astrological dimensions of their life.
Nakshatra Syllable Chart
Birth Star / Nakshatras Recommended Syllables
Ashwini (Aswini or Ashwathi) Laa, La, Choo,Chu, Choo, Che
Bharani Lee, Lo, Li, Lu, Le
Karthikai (Krithika,Krittika) U,A, Aa, Ai, Ae, Ee, E, Oo
Rohini Voo, Wu, Wa, O ,Va, Vee, Vaa, Vi
Mrigasira (Mrigashirsha, Makayiram) We, Kee, Ve Wo, Ki, Vo, Ve
Ardra (Thiruvathirai, Aurdra) Cha, Jha,Da, Kam, Ku, Da, Gha, Ja
Punarvasu (Paunarpoosam, Punartham) Hee, Ha, Hi, Kay, Ko, Ke
Pooyam (Pushya, Pushyami) Da, Ho He, Hu
Aayilyam (Aslesha) Do, Da, Dee, Du, Di, Me
Makha (Makam, Magha) Mu, Maa,Ma, Me, Mi, Mee
Poorma (Pubba, Purva Phalguni) Ti, Tee, Ta, Mo, Tu
Uthiram (Uthara Phalguni, Utram) Pi,Pee, Paa, Pa, Taa, Te, Ta, To
Atham (Hasta, Hastam) Tha, Na, Poo, Shaa, Pu, Sha
Chitta (Chitra, Chithira) Ree, Raa, Ri, Po, Pe
Chothi (Swati, Chothy) Ta, Taa, Roo, Re, Ro, Ru
Vishakam (Vishaka) To, Tae, Too, Te, Ti, Tu, Tee
Anizham (Anuradha) Noo, Nae, Nee, Na, Ni, Naa,Ne
Trikketa (Jyeshta) Yi, Yu, Yee, No, Yaa, Ya
Moolam (Moola, Mula) Bhaa, Ba , Bi, Bhee, Yu, Ye, Bhi, Yo
Pooradham (Purvashada,Poorvashada) Fa, Dha, Da, Bhoo, Bu
Uthradam (Utharashada) Bo, Jaa, Bhe, Jee, Be, Ji, Ja, Bha
Thiruvonam (Sravana, Shravana) Khe, Kho, Khu, Jo, Je, Ju, So, Khi
Avittam (Dhanishta) Gee, Gu, Gi, Ga, Gu
Chathayam (Shatabhisha, Shatabhisham) See, Gau, Soo, Su, Si, Go, Sa, Saa
Pururuttathy (Poorvabhadra, Purvabhadra) Daa, Da, Dee, So, Se, Dha,Di, Dhi
Uthrittathy (Utharabhadra) Da, Gna, Gy, Du, Tha, Na, Jha
Revathi Cha, Chee, Do,De, Chaa, Chi


It’s important to note that many people believe in the significance of naming a baby according to their Rashi, Nakshatra and Pada. Consulting with an experienced Vedic astrologer can provide personalized insights into the Rashi, Nakshatra and help parents choose a name that aligns with their cultural and spiritual beliefs. If you want help with your baby’s name and also look for insight into your childs horoscope as per Vedic horoscope, buy the paid report from below. This personalized report will cover the personality of your child, it will cover important aspects like carrer, finance, marriage etc. The report also covers important yogas, remedies etc.


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