Top 5 healing crystals – Find the best one for you

Healing crystals

Crystal have always fascinated people from ancient times. Healing crystals were used for improving various aspects of one’s life.

Are you fond of wearing and collecting Crystals? Then this article on Healing crystals will be very interesting for you.

Crystals have a long history in cultures around the world. For many, they were not only a symbolism of wealth but of different values. Crystals have religious symbols and were even used for medicinal purposes.

Do you have a favourite Crystals? In this article, we cover various Healing Crystals and their meanings. Read on to discover the different types of Healing Crystals.

Healing Crystals List

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular healing Crystal in the world. An amethyst’s purple hue and beauty have the power the ease anxiety before sleep. In Ancient Roman and Greek culture, the amethyst fights against drunkenness and overindulgence.

Amethysts target their power towards the crown chakra. This is the part of your chakra that puts your physical and emotional state at peace.

Its meaning changed through time and culture. However, its most popular meaning remains a stone for peace and spirituality.

  1. Quartz

The pink quartz is often associated with new relationships and love. If you’re having trouble in your love life, consider getting yourself quartz. This Crystal encourages empathy and reconciliation.

If you’re struggling to see eye to eye with your lover, rose quartz can bring you inner peace. Clear quartz crystal can ease your frustration and stress. It can also help with anxiety.

  1. Onyx

The onyx is one of the best crystal for healing when it comes to negative energy. This crystal absorbs and cleanses the negative energy in your home.

The onyx stone aligns itself with your root chakra, which holds your grounding energy. If you’re having trouble adjusting to a new place, enjoy the onyx stone healing properties. The onyx stone brings forth a sense of stability and belonging.

  1. Jade

In ancient China, warriors used jade for axes and knives. The stone is not only strong enough for weapons. This beautiful stone is also known as a blessing stone.

Touching this stone will grant you its special healing properties. The jade stone can offer tranquillity to relieve headaches. Many people believe that jade can bring abundance and prosperity.

Jade stones are also a popular crystal for bracelets and necklaces. This elegant stone can bring you an abundance of benefits. We recommend wearing it on your left hand or wrist to attract blessings from the universe.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is one of the best crystal for healing. Its rich blue hue denotes truth and is otherwise known as the “stone of truth.” If you have stage fright or social anxiety, a lapis lazuli is the best partner you can have.

Lapis lazuli targets the throat chakra to help you speak up. This is also a great stone for migraines, and it can also boost your immune system.

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The Best Healing Crystals and Their Meanings

Now you know some of the most popular healing crystals and their meanings. These different types of healing Crystals target different parts of your chakra to bring out the best in you. If you’re not sure where to start, try getting your birthstone.

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