4 Tips to find a good astrologer online

Tips to find a good astrologer online

Tips to find a good astrologer online

Today, the number of astrologers is growing all over the world, that it becomes difficult to find a reliable one. If you want accurate readings, you should only reach out to a professional astrologer with gained expertise and years of experience in the field.

According to Kelli Fox, an accredited professional astrologer, you have to be thorough with your homework. Before booking an appointment, make sure to consider the following.


1. Authorized Certificate

Try to stay away from self-proclaimed astrologers who call themselves professionals just by watching videos on the internet. You can easily identify professional astrologers from this bunch because they have authorized certificates from well-known institutions as proof of their qualifications.

Even if they claim to be certified, you must still check their website for credibility. A professional will willingly show you their certificate and not hesitate to talk about it. A certificate serves as a legal authority to practice astrology.

2. Relevant Experience

An expert astrologist is someone with years of experience who can give you exactly what you’re looking for. For instance, if you’re looking for a marriage partner, a career shift, or a financial solution, the astrologer should be able to help. But this only happens if they have enough experience and have handled clients with different problems.

An astrologer with zero experience, no matter how knowledgeable, won’t be able to help you or solve your problems. So, when looking for one, don’t forget to check client reviews and feedback to get a clear picture of their experience.

3. Good Communication Skills

Imagine having your first session with an astrologer, only to find out you don’t understand what they’re saying! It can be such a disappointment, which makes it all the more important to check their communication skills.

See how they interact with clients and how much they listen and comprehend at the same time. Astrology is a complicated subject and can be difficult for people to understand. However, with the help of a professional, he or she can decode and translate it into a simple language.

If an astrologer lacks basic communication and people skills, you won’t get the most out of a reading. Dig deeper into customer reviews before making an appointment.


4. Updated With Technology

Gone are the days where the image of astrologers is of someone living in caves looking at stars and planets. In today’s modern age, astrology services are offered online as well. So if you’re looking for an online consultation, it’s best to find an astrologer that provides such service.

Astrologers who keep up with the times have their own websites, use emails or video calls to interact with clients, and are active on social media.


What Kind of Astrologer Are You Looking For?

There’s a lack of standardization in the field of astrology. You may end up expecting things that the astrologer you consult with doesn’t offer. This seldom happens, but it’s a possibility you should be aware of.


Astrology Types and Traditions

Different types of astrology mean various applications of the subject to endeavours and human affairs. On the other hand, different traditions are often specific types of astrology that come from geographical eras and time periods. They often have a unique technical and philosophical approach.


Different Types or Applications:

  • Electional Astrology
  • Financial Astrology
  • Horary Astrology Questions
  • Medical Astrology
  • Natal Astrology
  • Predictive Astrology / Forecasting
  • Relationship Astrology


Different Traditions

  • Chinese astrology
  • Modern western astrology
  • Psychological astrology
  • Traditional astrology
  • Vedic astrology

More tips to find a good astrologer online : 

How to Determine If an Astrologer Is the Right One for You?

  • Ask if they have the type of consultation you’re looking for.
  • Inquire if they have similar philosophy or religious views as you.
  • Go through their website and read articles, watch videos, or listen to podcasts to see if the way they talk is something that relates to you.
  • Try to establish a good rapport with the astrologer through initial inquiries and communications.
  • Find out how consultations are done. Do they happen “live,” or are they pre-recorded?
  • Ask if they can provide a recording of the reading or session afterwards.


Establish Your Own Level of Astrological Understanding

Determine what your background in astrology is and what level of astrological jargon or terms you can understand. It’s probably unavoidable, but some level of jargon can be moderated.

  • If you have a bit of background in astrology, maybe, you can handle some jargon.
  • If you have no background, you may have to ask the astrologer to use less or no jargon during consultations.


Define Your Expectations

Other than making sure you’re dealing with professional astrologers, another important thing to remember is to define your expectations. What is your main goal for seeking a consultation? Are you looking for a specific outcome? Do you have a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP?

If you’re just someone who’s curious about what an astrologer may tell you, make sure to communicate this clearly at the start to avoid misunderstandings. This way, astrologers can easily establish the help you want.

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