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Business Numerology – Choose Your Business Name By Numerology

In this article, we find out how to choose a business name by numerology.

Great team, great product, and excellent business insight!! You have everything, but still, you feel that something is lagging behind you, and you cannot do things effectively, and not work equally with your competitors? Sure, this is a good day for you as you will find answers for all your business worries. Everything in this universe has an energy that does its part entirely when it is used wisely. You, me, and everyone have energy, which drives us to achieve great things in our lives. Do you believe that the names that we call and others call have energy? The answer is definitely yes; every alphabet and every number has energy vibrations. Whether it is your name or your child’s name, or your business name, it shows a direct impact on the future, talent, mood, abilities, features, and shortcomings. Numerology is a fantastic science, and it is a belief that proves everything in the universe is created with numbers.

Choosing a Business name by numerology:

Business is not a small thing. It is your ambition, life source, and introduces you to the entire world through your success. Choosing the right business name with sound vibration is very important. As discussed above, numerology is a fantastic science, and many different and fantastic research studies have been done for many decades. To choose a suitable name for your business, there are excellent methods:

Expression number is a significant number in numerology. The expression number is calculated by relating the number to the letters of your company name. The two popular methods used to calculate the expression numbers are the Pythagorean method and the Chaldean method.

The Pythagorean method was invented by Pythagoras, the famous mathematician who gave a theorem and related it to life.

Example of the Pythagorean method

The expression number of APPLE is 1+7+7+3+5= 23 and 2+3=5

Chaldean method

The ancient Babylonians invented the Chaldean method.

Example of the Chaldean method

APPLE 1+8+8+3+5=25 and further adding these two numbers 2+5=7

The Pythagoras method assigns the numbers to the alphabets on 1-9 count, and the Chaldean believes that the number 9 is the transformational number and uses 1-8 scale.

Here we are using the Pythagorean method to discuss the business name numerology:

Number 1: this is the auspicious number in numerology. We usually believe that people in the number 1 position are leaders. According to numerology, the number 1 is associated with leaders, first movers, explorers, and creative people. For example, the business expression number of Microsoft and are NO 1. You can now realize one of the fundamental reasons for their success, and they are the undeniable leaders in their desired fields.

NO 2- if you are stepping into the business related to marriages, relationships, partnership, and coaching, this number gives you excellent benefits to your business.

No3- the number 3 is all about self-expression, communication, creativity, and presentation. People who choose these types of business should choose a business name with expression number 3

NO 4- the number 4 is all about foundation and focus. The businesses related to architecture, construction, and other jobs related to homes should have an expression number 4. The vibration in this number will help the business owner to complete the job as quickly as possible.

NO 5- Number 1 and 5 are the two famous and favorite numbers of businesses. People who choose businesses related to entertainment, fun, freedom, and adventure should have business names with expression number 5—for example, travel vlog, travel guide, etc.

NO 6- the number 6 is the healing number, number of harmonies, and happiness. This number is suitable for business types such as health, home, restaurants, and medicines.

NO7- this number is all about curiosity, introspection, and spirituality, and by choosing the business name with this expression number, the business owner will be highly benefited.

NO 8- this number is all about balance; number 8 is one of the most significant numbers and is well known for attracting energy. Number 8 is the Saturn number, the most powerful planet. The business-related to finance, legal, and investment should choose the business name with expression number 8.

NO9- this is the number of complete transformation and idealism. The business related to the community services should choose the business names with expression number 9.

These are the short and useful guides to choose your business names. To get complete details about your business names and its expression numbers contact us. Getting complete guidance in choosing the business is crucial because name matters more in any business and 50% success of any business depends on its name vibrations.

Hope you liked this article , If you have any comments regarding choosing a business name by numerology then put your comments below.


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