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Scientific Research on Astrology: How to Write an Astrology Paper?

Research on Astrology

Scientific Research on Astrology Astrology is a belief in the divine impact of space objects on human life. Each life event is thought to have its reason related to astronomy. This is pseudoscience as there is no evidence of such a connection. There is a great discussion on whether we can consider astrology science or not. Research on astrology has ...

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Best Tips for Logo Design as Per Numerology & Astrology

Logo Design As Per Numerology

Do You Want Your Business Name – Logo Design as Per Numerology & Astrology then read below:- Your Business Name, Visiting Card, Logo is an important contact between you or your customers. You may be doing business or could be a self-professional like Doctor, Architect, Chartered Account, Dentist, Lawyer or any other profession, the name that you put on your ...

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Best 7 Accredited Astrology Schools in USA

Astrology schools in USA

Best 7 Astrology Schools in USA When we study, our hearts and minds turn to certain academic subjects. They sometimes tell us what direction to choose intuitively. Thus, many students choose astrology and seriously intend to become professional prophesiers or something like that. This dream is realistic and all you need is to be a diligent student and choose the ...

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luckiest zodiac sign- Which Sun sign is luckiest

Luckiest Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered which Sun sign or Zodiac sign is lucky or which is the luckiest zodiac sign – There are twelve Zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces. Out of these twelve Zodiac signs, some are romantic, some are analytical while others are career-oriented, generous or brave. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristic which separates them from one-others.  ...

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Mantra for Removing Negativity and bring positivity in life

Mantra for Removing negativity

Powerful  Vedic Mantra for Removing negativity and bring positivity in life. If you want to be successful and achieve great things in life, then the first thing which is necessary to do is to remove all the negative thoughts from your mind. Being always positive encourage to never give up even if you are failing to do something. It is ...

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Angel Number 711 – Numerology Meaning & Symbolism

Angel Number 711

Angel Number 711 Meaning: The 711 indicates that it is a powerful angel number with spiritual signs. It is the signal of a new beginning in your life, and new opportunities that are automatically being created in your life. The angels are with you and they are telling you to “Believe in Yourself”.  Numerology Of Angel Number 711: The angel ...

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