Steps every beginner should know about Chakra meditation

Chakra Meditation for beginners

Do you know the proper methods of Chakras meditation? Well, while many people are quick to say yes to the question, the truth is that most people know about meditation, but not many are well versed in the proper ways of doing it. You should, therefore, be aware that this is not the dictionary mediation that you know but one that needs, you inner participation and ability to awaken your Chakras if you want emotional, mental and even physical health. Here are the proper methods that will help you awaken your chakras.

Sit In a Comfortable Position

You can’t just start meditation when you are not in the right sitting posture that will help you go through the process comfortably and get amazing results or healing. Remember that you have to focus on all the seven centers of power in your body and make sure that all the points are given the best and not just a matter of going from one to the other in a hurry.

Let your body relax and allow stress to melt away. You can only do so when the sitting posture you choose is the right one that gives you comfort and peace of mind, so you meditate well. Every part of your body right from the feet upwards should be given attention, so you get the results you want. Avoid positions that aren’t okay and let your spine be straight and not ridged.

Focus On Your Breath

Well, many people forget this, yet it’s very vital when it comes to Chakras meditation. Avoid forcing the breathing but rather let it be steady and deep so that you can give full focus to the various parts of your body. Visualize the process and feel the oxygen moving through the system as though you are seeing it flowing in the blood. See it with your inner eyes cleansing your organs and repairing those parts that have felt a lot of pain for long.

However, let not the inhalation and exhalation take your attention to the extent that you forget that your attention is very vital at all the centers of power throughout your body. If you are aware of any center that’s not strong enough, make sure you bring it up and avoid giving a lot of attention to those that are okay and only need maintenance.

Energize Every Chakra

Right from the root Chakra to all the others, make all of them stronger and avoid discriminating any of them even if you feel you already have full healing in the process. Make every center stronger and brighter than it was before you began the process. The mistake that many people make is strengthening a few and leaving others. Well, while some may be useful in some instances than others, you need to make sure not even a single Chakra is left weak. All are live giving and need the best from you. With all that said, you can be sure always that your mediation will be fruitful one.

In a nutshell, Chakra Meditation is powerful when you have the proper methods at your fingertips, so every time you meditate you employ and be determined to get the best and nothing less. That’s how you can enjoy the healing power of the process every time you meditate.

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