Mantra and Remedies for delay in marriage

Delay in marriage

Mantra and Remedies for Delay in Marriage

The concept regarding marriage has changed in modern days but the necessity of it at a proper age cannot be overruled. If the boys and girls can find their suitable partners or take time to settle their careers before tying the knot, then it should not be the concern. However, the issues may be a little different in some aspects where both the boy and girl is ready to get married but the event is suffering an unwanted delay due to some other reason. Unwanted and unexplained obstacles may create troubles for the families. It is certainly not an easy task for the common people to know every movement of the planets. It is a fact that the movement of the planets control human behavior and that is the reason why people sometimes are not at easy with things around them, because they are doing the opposite of what they should be doing.

Delay in Marriage
Marriage is one thing that should be done at the appropriate time. However as the native is not in harmony with the planets, it is likely to give unexpected results. It’s not easy for the common people to get rid of the troubles because as the planets have a strong influence over us. The ancient astrologers calculated the influence of the planets that are valuable even today. Understanding the position of Mars and location of Jupiter or Venus can be helpful to know about the obstacles for marriage.

Astrologically simply understanding each other may not be enough to turn the relationship into marriage. The planets and stars should be at the proper place and in harmony in both the charts. Many times this is the reason why love marriages fail. The Venus, Mars and Saturn play important roles for a timely marriage. The planets also control our behavior. If the planets are not at their favorable place, the marriage can be delayed. Especially, one needs to control the movement of Mars in respect of having stability in married life. The position of Mars in a horoscope decides Mars behavior. Mars in inauspicious houses causes the Mangal dosha.

Mantra Remedies for Delay in Marriage
Several remedies including chanting the Mantras and practicing certain types of rituals can effectively fix the issues of delay in marriage. A number of rituals or practices are mentioned in the ancient oriental writings. Practicing those rituals may help to solve the undefined reasons behind the relationship issues.

As the matter is related to a couple’s life, one needs to make sure that no problem comes in between the relationship issues. A visit to a known astrologer may properly help you to solve the matter.

Below is a Mantra for Early Marriage

तब जनकक पाई वसिष्‍ठ आयसु ब्‍याह साज संवारि कै।

मांडवी श्रुतकीरति उरमिला कुआरि लई हंकारि कै।

Some of the Other remedies that you can do are:

1. Keep fast on Fridays

2. Tulsi Vivah incase of Manglik Girl

If you have delay in Marriage, I have the Answers. Look forward to help you with this Divine Knowledge.


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