Difference between High Mangal Dosha and Low Mangal Dosha

mangal dosha

In Vedic astrology, Mangal Dosha is an astrological position of planet Mars that happens if Mars (Mangal) is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the Horoscope. A person born in the presence of this condition is also called manglik. In south India It is also referred as Kuja dosha/ chevvai dosham.

Mars is the planet of aggression, war, hostility, fights, violence and conflicts. However it is incorrect to say that all Mangalik / Mangal dosha are same and bring the said results.  Mangal dosha are of various types. The more the strength of Mars the worse it will be, especially for marriage. The native will be violent to his/her partner ruining marital life.

Like I said it is not one type of Mangal dosha. It strength depends upon many things. There is Partial Mangal Dosha, Complete Mangalik, Full mangal Dosha, Double Mangal Dosha, Anshik Mangalik, Purna Mangal dosha. This can be very confusing for an ordinary person who has no idea on how astrology works.

In the below video Astrologer Navneet Khanna explains the above in a very lucid manner. He also explains if marriage between a Low mangalik and High Mangalik can be done considered. If you are interested to know more about difference between high mangal dosha and low mangal dosha then this short video is a must watch.

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74 thoughts on “Difference between High Mangal Dosha and Low Mangal Dosha

  1. My date of Birth is 12-02-1976 @ 6.30am Baireddipalle, Chittoor, Andhrapradesh

    Mangal dosh, what will be best match nakshatras.

    At this age horoscope is not to be matched.

  2. Sir my detail my birth name is vipin and my kundli is made from this name but in 10th my name is rahul. my date of birth 12/01/1995 time 9:05pm and place jaipur ,rajsthan …..I am high manglik and I love a girl who is manglik or not I and ahw also dont know so is our Marriage is successful can we live happy .Her detail ( name -vanshika , dob -1/02/2004, time -8:20 am place navsari ,gujarat .sir please tell me yor view .

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