Does Astrology Tell Future – How to Take Advantage of This Science

Does astrology tell future

Throughout time humans have had an obsession with fate, the future, and the stars. Could fate be written there? Astrology certainly helps predict a number of things, from someone’s personality, the people they’ll be attracted to, how certain relationships will work or fail, and may even predict the kinds of illnesses people are susceptible to and their lifespan.


Birthdates certainly affect future longevity and health. An article published by the BBC looks at current research that relate birth season to health. One study by the University of Chicago found that those born in autumn were 40 percent more likely to live to 100 than those born in spring, while an Oxford University study of almost 60,000 showed that those born in winter and sprint tended to have a higher risk for depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Although these statistics are general, looking at a specific birth chart can help shed light on the illnesses an individual may face in the future.

Personality Traits

Being born under certain astrological conditions doesn’t just determine your astrological sign. Earth is constantly moving around the sun, so the stars’ relation to earth is always changing. Birth on a specific day at a specific time in a specific place, in a given year all makes a difference, often determining not just health, but also personality traits, good and bad.

Capricorns in general are usually ambitious and cautious, some might even say calculating. However, they’re also stubborn and often reserved. Conversely, Geminis are outgoing and spontaneous to the core, but this may make them lose direction and have trouble making decisions. Astrology can help people better understand their own personalities and flaws, and why they act the way they do.

Knowing about and understanding individual tendencies could also help someone like a Capricorn relent their stubbornness or work extra hard to combat introversion, or make a Gemini realize it’s time to just choose one path, even if it’s difficult. Maybe actually changing inherent traits isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean it sets the future in stone. If you can understand your flaws, it’s easier to realize when you’re stuck in them and they are hurting you and your relationships.


So Libra and Aries are attracted, but so are Libra and Libra. How does astrology explain these connections?

Comparing two birth charts is a surefire way to see if there’s an attraction, relationship potential, and whether that relationship will last. In general when Venus and Mars are conjunct or trine romance is in the air. Sometimes when the signs are square the attraction is palpable, but when an actual relationship begins everything turns to drama and things fall apart.

However, Venus and Mars aren’t the only predictors for attraction and love. The sun/moon midpoint is also key in predicting relationship compatibility. If there’s no connection between the midpoint doesn’t relate to the other person’s chart, it’s probably not a good sign.

However, when it comes to long term love, attracting isn’t everything. That initial spark tends to get glossed over with time, so also looking at the north node may help predict success. It focuses on deeper, spiritual or emotional connections between partners. To understand romance from start to finish and what drives a partner, comparing natal charts is key.

Astrology certainly plays a big role in determining the future, but that doesn’t mean it has to be your fate. Looking at birth and compatibility charts can help a person understand their own psychology and that of their partner, family, or friends. Doing so can make them more aware, and maybe even work toward making positive life changes.



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