मुकदमे में पानी है विजय करें इस मंत्र का जाप – Durga Mantra for Court Case

Sarvaa baadhaa prashamanam

If you are suffering from court case, police case. If people have put false allegations against you.  If your want to defeat your enemies. This Durga mantra will help things turn in your favour. It will give you confidence, remove negative energy as you will be blessed with the Powers of Goddess Durga.

Amazing Durga mantra to Win court cases. Learn this Vedic Mantra and recite it 108 times in the morning. Let not let your enemies overpower or rule you. This Durga mantra will protect you in many ways. It may be a land dispute, marital dispute, financial dispute or case of cheating, This Mantra will help you avoid Police case and make things favourable for you. Hindu Mantra to defeat enemies. Durga Mantra to defeat evil people.

मुकदमे में पानी है विजय करें इस मंत्र का जाप


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