Enhance Psychic Power Through Meditation

Enhance Psychic Power Through Meditation

Your intuition may send guidance your way using any one of your five senses of sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing. You may overhear a conversation that offers a solution to an issue you are preoccupied with, a billboard you see somewhere may help resolve a problem you are facing. You psychic powers may also communicate with by way of your sixth sense.  If you have clairvoyant abilities, you may receive messages from your intuitive side through images in your mind or, when you are clairaudient, you may hear words that relate to a situation or problem you are trying to resolve. When you are a psychic medium you may have the inborn gift of receiving messages from your spirit guides or departed souls in the spirit realm. Your psychic powers may include viewing what’s going on at a place that is at a location that is far away from where you are, or you may pick up conversation or thoughts of others through telepathy without being present at that place.


Although you may be psychic, you may notice that you psychic powers may be erratic at times. Your powers may be available to you on certain days and at other times, you may find it difficult to pick up guidance from your higher self. The guidance you receive may be, on occasion, crystal clear, where you understand the insights being sent your way clearly and can act upon it, if you choose to do so. At other times guidance may come to you in way you find hard to perceive clearly. You may wonder if the source of the messages you are picking is from your intuition or whether you are just imagining things.

The voice of your intuition gets stronger once you start to develop your psychic powers further. The more you practice connecting with the inner guidance available to you, the clearer the messages are likely to get. One of the best ways to enhance your psychic powers is by practicing meditation. Meditating on a regular basis works to still your mind. As you practice blocking out external distractions and learn to silence the din that is created by the constant thoughts that tend to crowd the mind, you will notice that you start to hear the voice of your intuition clearly.


Meditation does not have to be an activity that is time consuming. You can meditate whenever you have some free time and have a quite place you can mediate in. If you have not meditated before, pick a time of the day you are likely to be left undisturbed for a while. Choose a quiet place in your home, at your work place or choose an outdoor location, such as a silent spot in a garden or any other silent outdoor space. Sit in a position that feels comfortable to you. Take a few deep breaths and let tension and stress go. You can focus on a particular object, such as a flame, that you then visualize in your third eye area. The third eye area is the area in center of your forehead and corresponds with clairvoyance.

Instead of visualizing a certain object, you can also focus on keeping your mind devoid of any thoughts and keep your mind in this blank state for as long as possible. At first, you mind is most likely to drift frequently. Any worries or problems you are facing may start to occupy your mind while you are meditating. Each time this happens, just consciously bring your focus back on the image you are visualizing. With time, you will find it that much easier to stay in this still place for long periods of time. As you continue to meditate regularly, your connection with your intuition will deepen steadily.

Slipping into a deep meditative state can take a lot of time and practice. Natural crystals, when used during meditation, can add extra power to your mediation sessions. When you hold a natural crystal in each hand, while meditating, you can get into the deep meditative state quickly. To enhance your clairvoyant abilities, place a Lapis Lazuli stone on your third eye, to open your third eye and to view of the future clearly. To acquire or develop your telepathic abilities, use Blue Dumortierite crystals. To increase your intuitive abilities and cleanse your aura of negative energies use Purple Amethysts while you are meditating.

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