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Reply To: Will I get married ?

Navneet Khanna

Looking at your birth chart we see that your lagan is Scorpio and Rashi is Libra. You are born under the Chitra star. you want to know if marriage is there in your horoscope. Well your 7th house which is the prime house of marriage is ruled by Venus. Venus is in Anuradha nakshatra which is ruled by Saturn. Because of which it will give slow results. Possibility of marriage is very much there in your horoscope, afters delays and obstacles. Regarding your younger sister, no matter you both have strong differences of opinion and you have compatibility issues. As I can see you tell her things or you restrict/stop/advise her because you care for her. She may not understand this because she is young, but one day she would. Don’t worry.


Navneet Khanna