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Reply To: Divorce


I don’t think our horoscopes matched which is why I needed help.
The marriage has survived because of me compromising myself at every step and the result of this over the years was me having a emergency operation due to Crohn’s disease (an intestinal illness) followed by another operation few years later. Been diagnosed with depression last year. Been through floods, fire and theft, son’s operation etc etc. With no moral or emotional support the marriage has survived but as always a marriage should be kept alive no matter the cost. What’s a human life anyway. It’s a man’s world. The woman is always compromised. I am sorry to say and mean no offence but it’s easy to say and not so easy to step into other’s shoe.
Let the drama continue and keep putting on a fake face to show a world that does not care.
Very sad to read your response Sir. I wasn’t expecting that. All I wanted was an honest reply so I can rescue myself.
Anyway, Thankyou and regards. God bless!