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Reply To: My son's future

Navneet Khanna

You are experiencing results of generation change which is happening in the society. Children of today are more self centered. I usually tell my clients that today if your children come and ask about you, be happy that they still care, in today’s world dont expect children to be ‘Shravan Kumar’ . I do feel that he is totally wrong in his behavior, but at the same time, you knowing your son, taking a strong position against his marriage was equally wrong. Horoscope matching is a great way to judge a relationship, but children today want to choose their partner on their own. You have to come to terms with the new social order that is their today. I suggest that if the Rajju dosha is the only issue , then call your children , both the boy and his new wife, who is now also your daughter-in-law. Do the Rajju dosha puja. Have faith in God all will be fine.


Navneet Khanna