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baby's health and life…pls help

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    My baby is having some health issues since birth (seizures and was diagnosed with west syndrome in march,2016). Luckily she recovered since May,2016 but now has global development delay. She can’t hold her head fully steady yet or sit or say words and doesnt even recognise me. Please have a kind heart to let me know her scope for a normal life.

    Her details
    DOB : 14/08/2015
    TOB : 05.06am
    POB : Quilon/Kollam, Kerala

    Also includng mine and husbands details, if required in case .

    Mine : 22/01/1990, 09.50am
    Husband’s : 21/05/1985, 12.48pm

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    As per the baby’s horoscope, chances of a normal life is very remote. I think it is better for you to get adjusted to the fate as is destined by God.

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    Om Sri Mahmruthyunjaya Namah!!

    Hello Neethu

    after checking baby charts…there is chance that from Dec 12, there will be slight improvement. from Feb 2017 there is some scope for further slight improvement.


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      Thank you for responding, sir. Its hard to know that she cant lead a normal life. The local astrologers were saying that she would be normal by the age of 4, which sounds pretty unbelievable to me. Is there any chance for hope?

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    God is almighty and He could solve all your problems if He so wishes. Pray to God with utmost devotion and He will not forsake you. Recite Srikrishnakarnamrutham daily in her presence.

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