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Business suitable for me

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      Namaskar sir
      I want to get to know which nee business should i start now?
      Earlier i had a tailor shop in 90’s,
      Then i opened a mobile shop,
      Now currently i am owning a cyber cafe/game world.
      Now i want to change my business as the scope is not there for cyber cafes.
      I have multiple big shops, now what business should i open for?
      28 Dec 1965
      4:00 PM
      Etawah UP

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      I think you should come through Paid consultation to get an answer to your question. Read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online

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      Namaskar and JSK,

      I am consistently failing in Businesses since the year 2001. I had a bigger vision and worked hard for achievement but have lost everything. I am now in a dilemma and in crisis situation and do not know how to come out of it.

      I cannot afford consultation fees for now.

      Would you be in a position to predict what my immediate future holds for me.

      Name: Paresh
      DOB: 12/06/1962
      POB: Jinja
      Time: 4pm

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      Jinja is in Uganda. Is it not?

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