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      manvitha reddy

      DOB: 30 Apr 1997
      Time: 3:50 AM
      Place: Warangal, Telangana.

      I am currently in my Final year B.Tech in Bioinformatics (Biology + IT/Software development) course. And I recently got a job offer as a software Tester in a software company in Bangalore, I also have another offer from TCS as a software developer.
      And finally yesterday I got another opportunity as Software developer for a Bioinformatics Firm in UK as a remote developer which is my core subject.

      I now am confused as on which field should I choose (Bioinformatics company/ IT company). I wanted to know whether I will have a good as Bioinformatician or as Software developer/Tester.

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      Being one of the senior most software professional of India, I would recommend you take the offer from the UK Firm. Your 8th and 9th houses are a bit poor. Please read my blog to know the significations of those houses using the link Navagraha astrology Online

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