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      Sir, I want to ask about how will be my overall Job and financial condition in future and whether I will continue to work till my 60 years of age to support my parents.
      Presently I am working in a private company in support function.
      I am planning to buy a small site to construct own house.Can I do this during 2019 by taking loan. Pls advise

      Following are the details:
      Gender: Female,Spinster
      birth date: 12 Feb 1972
      Place of birth: Hassan, Karnataka
      Time of birth: Morning 11.10

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      Suggest you wait till 2025 till new house is constructed. Your times are not good till then. Venus antardasa in Jupiter mahadasa will be the best time in your future life.

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      Gagan Bindal

      Name Gagan Bindal
      DOB 13/10/1994
      Place soNipat
      Time 3:32pm
      Sir want to know about my career when I should succeed in my career and do successful business.. whenever I tried to do sany Business and every time I gave failure and face lots of financial drives.. in other words.. I touch even gold it becomes sstone

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      You are absolutely right. You touch Gold, it becomes Iron. Your horoscope is so weak with a net strength of 30%. You will have to wait till 2027 to get a kick-start in life. For full details you can come through Paid Consultation after reading through my blog Navagraha Astrology Online when full details of remedial measures can be discussed.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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