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      Sir I am born & residing in Kolkata. A post graduate in Business Management, I have been experiencing sudden loss of job & have been out of job for few years. I was working in a junior managerial position in a leading organization in sales. I start my days in very energetic manner, but somehow with mostly rejections in a day, I loose all my energy & it’s a big hindrance to any thing that I take up. Since then I started to work as a freelancer & work for 10 hours a day, but still I could hardly get any luck in finance & career wise. Kindly suggest what should I do to get a growth in confidence, career & improving financial position. I see many people wearing gemstones & saying that it helped a lot. Can I wear any 1 of them to get benefits.

      DOB: 16/12/1981
      Time: 11:28 pm
      Location: Kolkata, India

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      There is nothing wrong with your horoscope. You recite Narayanakavacham everyday two or three times till you learn it by heart. All your problems will vanish into thin air and you will have a life of prosperity. You can download it from the internet.

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      I would like to thank you very much sir for your prompt response. I will follow your instructions every day.

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