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course and foreign settlement

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      namaste Navneet sir
      I really need your help sir
      sir, actually I want to get success in interior designing and acting in foreign and settle there permanently. I am the first one from my family to ever think of any other profession except medical and this has caused a lot of chaos. sir, can you please check if I can pursue my dream and settle abroad permanently.
      5 September 2005
      sir in my chart(Scorpio ascendant) 12th lord(venus),9th lord(moon), Jupiter, Ketu are conjunct in 11th house, aspected by Rahu in 5th house, also by Saturn in 9th house(lord of 4th house) and Lagna in 6th house. Lagna and the 12th lord exchanged nakshatras and even the 10th lord is in the nakshatra of the 12th lord. so the possibility of settling abroad and can I fulfil my dream???
      please sir

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      Navneet Khanna

      Looking at your natal chart, yes there is a strong possibility of studying and living abroad. Sun and Mercury forming the bhudh aditya yoga in the 10th house, will give you good career.


      Navneet Khanna

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      Sir can i have permanent settlement??

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      Sir can I buy a home there and live permanently though I will have to continue travelling to India because parents are not ready to leave their motherland. So doing career in foreign and settling there??

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      Sir PR mil jayega???

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