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Facing difficulties in studies and career

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    Respected Sir,

    Last time when I posted, I was informed that shani dhaiyaa is going on for me. Since October, I have started praying Lord Hanuman and Lord Shani.

    Now, I have failed in my graduation and will need to stay for 1 more semester in a hope to graduate next time. However, I worked hard a lot. Lot of worries, depression I am facing. Its like money is just going away while no incoming source of money. At this point, I have become full of negativity. Please help me. Its like whatever worst can happen in a situation, is happening with me.

    Name: Arti Gupta
    D.O.B: 16 July 1990
    Time: 06:05 a.m.
    Place: Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

    I am currently staying in USA.

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    So, I am worried now that will I be able to graduate at all?
    And, will I get a job here in USA? then when?
    Will my good time come? and if yes then when?

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    Once upon a time there was a king in Scotland. His name was Robert Bruce. He fought many battle fields. Once he was defeated. He ran away from the field and hid himself in a cave. He was very disappointed and depressed. There was a spider in that cave. It was trying to reach the roof of the cave to its web. It failed again and again. After every fall; the spider tried again. It did not lose heart. The spider reached its web in seventh attempt. The spider taught King Bruce a great lesson. It filled him with him with new hope and courage. He came out of the cave and gathered his forces. This time he fought bravely. He was successful in making his country free.
    Moral of the story

    Try and try again till you succeed.

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    Please suggest me any remedies..

    Anyone please help me.

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    Satish Sir, Navneet Sir, DC Sir, K.Umamaheswara Sir

    Someone please help.

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