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Feeling depressed and vexed

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      My date of birth is 29/3/1973 time is 20:50 and place is Chennai .

      There has been constant fights and misunderstandings at home . I have been targeted always for what I speak even though my intentions are not ..
      Iam not harsh in my words and my actions have been interpreted wrongly and Iam being harassed by my family members.
      Please let me know when will I get the relief . There is constant tension and fights at home . How is my time period now and when will the situation improve . My daughter and my husband trouble me mentally thati feel so depressed with their attitude .

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      Your Lagnadhipa is highly malefic and ill placed in your horoscope. There is little chance that you will come out of it unless you shift your residence somewhere far away, when the transit influence could become favourable. Otherwise you will have to live with it.

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      Delhi . And meetu (female) 17.07.1988 time 4Pm delhi. I will also send my and wife kundli. There is some argue at home. And home atmosphere also not good . I feel my wife lie to me and cheated . Please check its my myth. Why our relationship not smooth. pls reply

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      Om namaha shivaya

      current dasa venus jupiter and venus till july 2020.

      there can be some troubles in relationhips are foreseen as venus is rahu star.and rahu is with saturn.

      sun period thereafter can give some relief sun gets strength due to jupiter.

      some past issues can crop up between april and june 2020.

      so relief can also be expected between march 15 till june 15th within this time frame as you will get confidance to deal with issues.

      om namaha shivaya

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      Thanks . Can you tell .its my myth that i feel my wife having relationship some one els.abd its true she have .

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