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I want my husband to pay attention to me and my two kids

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      I am completely spiritual person and patnivrata lady. mother of two kids,age of my kids are: 1 and half years old daughter and 3 years old son. financially not able to cope with two kid’s upbringing. as my husband is all time busy in his personal life.., my father-in-law and my brother-in-law are same too.. my mother-in-law suffered too.. , but i am completely saatvik women, want to change my husband’s nature so that he pays attention to his two kids. i don’t want my two small kids to suffer emotionally.., what remedies and puja you would recommend me to do? my husband birth time- 17:35 pm, 3rd september, 1982, born in aiims hospital delhi.., my DOB- 11 september, 1981, birth time – 8:15 am, born in taal chhapar, rajasthan.., kindly help me in saving my married life kids childhood from getting ruined..due to lack of father’s love

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      The problem is you have a Pravarjya Yoga. For remedies check the internet.

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      Dear Nathi Ji,

      Seems that You show Your masculine side most of the time.

      Not only that Your argumentative nature is also causing issue.

      So, Trying to manage these two things can help you.

      I feel Saturn and Jupiter is causing issues to your married life.

      I did not check your hubby’s chart ad can not tell you Remedies for free.(Not possible for me to check everything free).

      If You wish To get a PAID Consultation from me, the please contact,

      Astrologer Sourav

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      When you were suffering in so many ways,you must have
      understood that there is something wrong wih your
      You have to do penance for 6months,to reduce the evil
      of planets.
      Please see in google–kumrao99 penance method.

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      Navneet Khanna

      In your matching, there is weak Gana score as your husband belongs to Rakshasa Gana and there is also Bhakoot dosha. Rakshasa Gana people are selfish by nature and also have big egos. He will like to have the last word. He will be a dominating and manipulative personality. Bhakoot doshas bring tensions due to different thoughts and strong likes and dislikes. Your husband is a powerful and dominating personality. you need to handle with with love and affection rather than force. If you challenge him then you will only end up ruining your relationship.


      Navneet Khanna

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      You can give him space to communicate with your children so he can be a more effective father. I would reward him for being a good father and also a good citizen.

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