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Is business suitable for me

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      Sir my dob 26-09 – 1991

      Time 12 :37 am

      Place : kollam (quilon) kerala

      • I have been trying to get a job since many years and still no luck.. Got 3 jobs and they were all not stable.. I had to leave due to various reasons.. Sir please analyse if there is a fate in my chart to get a job and be successful in my career.. I am currently based abroad… Please advise if i will be ever successful in my career.. Is business suitable for me?

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      Navneet Khanna

      As per your birth chart your lagana is Gemini and Rashi is Aries. You are born in the Ashwini Nakshatra of Ketu which is a gandmool nakshatra. Sun mahadasha and antardasha of Saturn is going on. The Saturn and Sun period is never good and this period will last till November 2021. Your 10th house lord is Jupiter which has been in debilitation and will move away from debilitation on 6th April 2021. There after you will find better opportunities and you will do good eventually in your career. As 5th lord Venus is in the 10th house with Sun, doing a short term course will be good to strength and improve your career at this moment. Business is not recommended rather you should focus on getting a good job which can bring some stability to you.


      Navneet Khanna


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      Thankyou so much Navneet sir 🙏

      It is written in my kundli that i have bhadra yog… Is it effective my chart as mercury is combust

      Will i reach a good position in my career according to my chart…please help

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