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Know Health as per birth chart

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      Dob 24 oct 1985

      Time 6.30am

      Place quilon, kerala

      Sir i have had 3 surgeries related to leg… 2 in 2018 and one in 2019.. Also i have had a leg injury in 2015 since then i have not been able to even walk properly… Can u please analyse why it has happened and when will it cure andi will be able to run

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara Rao


      Your lagna is Tula.

      Lagna contains neecha Ravi,Budha and kethu.

      Budha in first house is good for finances and intelligence.

      Ravi and kethu spoiled lagna.This is a bad point.

      2nd house–Sani–

      There will be frequent tensions in life.

      4th house–neecha Guru–average.

      5th house- moon==good for finance.

      7th house–rahu..-bad.

      12th house–kuja and neecha sukra.–very very bad.

      There are negative points in horoscope.

      You have to do penance for 3months or 6months to improve

      your health.You need not follow 5A and 5c points below,as you got

      surgeries on your body.

      Methods of penance—

      4.Sit daily in sunlight for 10mins so that you get resistance

      from infections and diseases.

      5A-Meditation–Meditation does not mean sitting
      calmly with closed eyes.
      Lord Siva stood under waterfalls and meditated
      for days and months in Himalayas.
      That is why people say Ganga is on his head.
      You have to meditate by sitting under a shower
      (in bath room)for 15mins or 30 mins,as per your capacity.
      While sitting under a shower,you can chant a mantra which
      you like ,so as to get 10 times more effect than ordinary
      chanting in prayer room.
      This method should not be followed in places where
      the climate is very cold..

      Penance essentially means diet discipline and sex discipline.
      Diet discipline does not mean less eating..
      It means to avoid all animal products.
      It is called veganism.

      After practising veganism for two months,the person should
      practise fasting once in 4days or once in 7days.
      On the fasting day,he can eat 5 or 6times, only
      uncooked vegetables.

      Your semen is divine substance in your body.
      Celibacy is most important to lift youself spiritually.
      Such a person can influence the society around him
      Follow strictly veganism method..
      Veganism means to avoid milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,tea,
      icecream,ghee,fish,nonveg,eggs.It means you have to avoid
      all animal products for 6months.
      In addition to veganism,people should avoid sweets,sweet fruits and dry fruits.
      People ,who follow veganism method,can eat meals and tiffins.

      Veganism people should daily eat 150 gms of uncooked vegetables.

      5c-Third method =In this method,closing eyes is not necessary.
      Practising this pose is itself sufficient.It is half inverted pose.
      You practise Downward dog pose (or adho mukha svanasana) in internet. you will get it.

      In the Down dog pose,you can make it more effective,by lifting one leg into air,
      So,two hands and two feet will be on the ground.You lift one leg into air and stay
      like that for one minute.Then you bring down that leg,now lift second leg into air,
      and stay like that for one minute.This is an improvement of Down dog pose.

      Now take 3mutes practise =single leg downward dog pose=
      see it in internet.


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      Thanku Uma sir 🙏 will do the remedies

      Navneet sir please analyse… I am having some issues in my married life too

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      Dob 24 oct 1985 quilon kerala

      6.30 am

      Sir pls tell when will i be able to run and be healthy again… Also pls tell me about my married life

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      Navneet sir pls help

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      Hello sir pls reply… When will my health improve

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      Pls reply sir

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      By  next year and half , following the doctors advice you should be ok by mid 2022.

      regarding your marriage life, there indication of  family fights.

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      Navneet sir pls reply… I am having lot of bone related issues

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      Navneet Khanna

      As per your horoscope Saturn mahadasha is going on and antardasha of Mars till March 2022. I feel you will not get 100 % recovery, but there will be significant improvement after this period. Do not ignore doctors and physiotherapist advice if needed.

      Do Shani remedies.

      1. Light a diya under Peepal tree every Saturdays

      2. Visit Shani temple every Saturdays



      Navneet Khanna


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      Thanku sir

      Will i have such health issues in future as well.. Will i ever be able to lead normal life… What about mercury dasa for me sir

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      Pls reply… How will be my mercury mahadasa

      Till when will sadesati effect affect worst

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      Navneet Khanna

      Yes sadesatti effect is also there and therefore Shani puja is very important to surpass the challenges that you will face on the health front. I feel once your Shani Mahadasha and Shani Sade satti gets over, your health will be much better.


      Navneet Khanna



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