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Lack of peace at home

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      Iam a mother of two children . My daughter was born on 5 Th May 2003 at 7-25 morning in Chennai while I was born on 29 Th March 1973 at 8.50 night in Chennai.

      Right from the time she was born I had been undergoing lot of health issues related to heavy bleeding/ headache etc. I could not give quality time to my child. She is now 18 years old lacks maturity . But can articulate andd speak on any topic except understanding my emotions.
      She blames me till date that I have not been a good parent for her . I go out of the way to please her listen to her … create time for her eithin my limited time . Iam a home maker . however much I do she blames me and throws anger on me. Constant fight that Iam unable to handle her .
      Kindly guide me as to what I need to do to make her happy. Please will the situation change as she plans to leave abroad for studies in Aug 2021

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      Navneet Khanna

      Your lagan is ruled by Venus which is in the 6th house and combust, hence weak. You should wear Opal or white Sapphire in Silver for benefits. Also as you are passing through a period of Shani Sade satti. You should do remedies of Saturn.

      1. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily

      2. Visit Shani temple every Saturdays


      Navneet Khanna

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