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      It’s been about two years that I’m out of any relationship and start to feel lonely and even lost at times. When it comes to romance, it’s not easy for me to make a first step and I have huge trust issues. Is there any chance to see in the natal chart what my future soulmate might be like and when/where I could meet him?

      My birthdate is May 23d, 1994 at 1.35 pm (Moscow, Russia)

      Thank you immensely in advance!



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      Navneet Khanna

      As per Vedic horoscope, you are Leo rising and your moon sign or rashi is Libra. You are born under Swati Nakshatra of Rahu (North Node). Saturn is posited in Aquarius in the 7th house of partner. 5th lord Jupiter is retrograde and debilitated in the Navamsha chart. Your horoscope is challenging on the relationship front, however you will get a good partner, but as Saturn is karmic planet and also gives late results. You should take your time before you commit yourself. The period after June 2022 is good for results on this front.



      Navneet   Khanna


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        Dear Navneet Khanna,

        Thank you for your response!

        I have to be patient then. Just one last question: is there any information about kids in my horoscope? It’s not on my radar right now but at some point I definitely dream about becoming a mother.



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