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Mangal dosha

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      Mr A

      Hello Sir,
      I need your help to know whether mangal dosha is present my partner’s kundli.

      Her birth details are as following:
      28/11/1993, 8:37 AM, Hyderabad, Female

      My birth details are as following:
      26/11/1993, 2:03 AM, Bharuch-Gujarat, Male

      If it is present, Does it gets cancelled based on my kundli ?

      Thank you so much for helping us.

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      You can try it on your own at using whichever system you like. For more details read my blog

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      Hi sir,

      I got married at Nov 9,2018 within 1-2month I am separated from my spouse. I have consulted with astrologer then I get to I am manglik. My DOB: 6/3/1993. I have no idea about my future. I was frustrated and my parents are worrying about me. Please advice how to get rid of this.

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      Name:Shanmathi Narayanan
      DoB: 6/3/1993
      Place:krishnagiri(Tamil Nadu).

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      You have a touch of being a Manglik(21% approximately). You have a fairly good marital house in your horoscope with children in life. May be your separated husband does not have a matching horoscope with yours.

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      My name is deepa I’m lot of struggle in my life money problem is heavy not everyone to help my family including my husband my grandfather was death at August 10 timing 9.22am
      My date of birth 8.9.1995
      Birth place uthangRai
      Birth time 5.5am
      Nagative place athipadi
      After marriage annamalaipattI
      Livng pune, pimpri

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      Please read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online and you will understand how astrology would be useful to you in your life and the necessary inputs required for evaluating a horoscope.

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