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      Hello guruji

      6th Jul 96

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Gwalior (MP) India</p>
      Will i get married with the girl of my choice or against my choice? And how will be my overall married life?

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      Animesh Chaturvedi

      you’ll face disputes due to your relationships.if you listen to your father in terms of marriage, then your married life will go just fine.

      you will be a servant of your spouse.

      you will be insulted due to your performance in bed with your wife, by your wife, that you don’t perform good in bed.

      you’re not a lean guy in appearance, inshort fat.

      you will masturbate a lot which will lead you to low sperm count.

      there is a factory near your house.

      that factory is maybe a water factory or it can be a large source of water.

      there is problem in the chest of your mother, or she has a problem in breathing, or any one body part is diseased of your mother.

      you have a lot of affairs in your workplace, or even a one with relation to your mother’s siblings or otherwise in your mother’s side of the family too.

      you spend a lot on vehicles, properties and your mother.

      quick changes in affairs.

      you think like an old man about diseases, old age, and miseries in your life all the time.

      you lie about your address to everyone, or you write your wrong address.

      you will have to do sacrifices for your wife, and father.

      you just can’t sit idle and do  pooja, you are too agile for that.

      you will have to do sacrifices related to your wife, from 36-42.

      at 38, you have to sacrifice your well-being and your comforts.

      40, is a subtle year for your married life (28 is also subtle if you get married before 26)

      you will have to sacrifice, and face a hard time relating your  communication devices, brothers/sisters, and travel at the age of 25.

      will have to sacrifice for your spouse from 29-35, if you perform well, you will ease out the situation after that, if not, it will be more stressed than it should be after 35.

      losses, and expenditure due to friends, or father’s siblings.


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