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Marriage and career

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      Dokuburra Pradeep chandra

      Name : Dokuburra Pradeep chandra
      Date of birth : 25/06/1998
      Place of birth : Vijayawada, andhra pradesh
      Time of birth : 06;04 PM
      My question is actually Iam loving a girl very deeply she also loving same like me. So, I want to know whether I have love or arranged marriage. And also I want to know about my career sir.

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara Rao

      Your lagna is Dhanur.
      Lagna vacant.
      Fourth house contains Guru.very good for
      Fifth house contains SAni and neecha.
      It is very bad for finances.
      Sani is seeing your seventh house.
      You will face many problems before and after
      Sun and Budha in seventh house indicate your
      desire to have relationship with woman.
      You are very young..Wait for another
      five or six years,to get maturity to develop
      relationship with any woman.
      You have got good and bad points in horscope.
      You will face many problems in life ,if you
      do not act carefully.Take the advice of elders.
      Sani will give you many troubles.

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