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Marriage decision in Dilemma

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    Greetings! You have analysed my horoscope last year and mentioned that my marriage would happen before end of this year. As you said, my marriage got fixed. We have consulted 2 local astrologers and they confirmed the match between both of us. But it seems somebody mentioned that our stars don’t have much compatibility. And said both her Saturn Dasha 2021 and My Guru Dasha 2023 will give issues to finance and Longevity.

    Could you please advise if any issues in our matching.
    Sorry if I am making any hurdles for you. Thank you.

    Below are our details.

    My DOB: 21/07/1987
    Time : 1:05 am
    Place : Thanjavur Tamilnadu
    Raasi: Karthikai/Rishaba

    Her DOB: 04/08/1993
    Time : 05:58 PM
    Place : Thanjavur Tamilnadu
    Raasi: Sathayam/Kumba

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    Your horoscope matching is Very Good and there is good Papasamya as per the given details as per traditional astrology. If you wish to have a scientific matching of your horoscopes, you can read through my blog and come through Paid consultation which will give you the individual horoscope evaluations and matching house wise together with the net matching.

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