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    Can you please let me know when will i get married? we are searching lot of matches but nothing is getting accepted. Currently I am undergoing depression and unhappiness with everything in life? I have struggled a lot. Please let me know what i need to go and how my life will be?
    DOB: 14 Aug 1982, 2:00 AM Vijayawada

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    Navneet Khanna

    Ketu in the 7th house of marriage forms the Naga dosham. It will bring delays and obstacles on the marriage front. Presently also Ketu in transit is in your 7th house leading to no results on this fronts. Ketu will move away in September 2020 after which you can expect positive results. Meanwhile reducing the malefic effects of Ketu will also help you get early results.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Navneet Sir,

    Thanks for the Reply. What should i do for resolving the issue.

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    Stop asking the same questions again and again under different names.

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    Sorry TMR Sir, My intent is not to ask the same question. I forgot about the other topic that i have already asked in career help.

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