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Marriage Prediction

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    Randy Herman


    Can you predict when will my marriage take place?

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    I am reading your horoscope as per Indian astrology.
    Your ascendant is Cancer(Kataka) as per Hindu astrology(Indian astrology).
    Second house contains Venus + kethu.
    This is bad combination for marriage.
    There will be delays or obstructions for marriage.

    Saturn(seventh house owner) is in sixth house.
    This placement again indicates divine obstructions
    in fixing your marriage.

    There is silver lining in your marriage affairs.
    Jupiter is seeing seventh house.
    Seventh house indicates your marriage affairs.

    Though there will be much delay and anxiety in
    fixing your marriage partner,ultimately you
    will come out with flying colours.

    But you have to put in herculean efforts and
    withstand many frustrations in your efforts.

    You are running venus period upto July2022.
    You may succeed in the next one or two years.
    No time frame can be fixed,as the planets are
    not so favourable.You should also make
    many compromises about her qualification,
    beauty and job etc.

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    Dear Randy,

    As Per Indian Vedic Astrology, Marriage related planets and houses in Your Horoscope are quite weak.

    You can get married by Mid, 2021, by I highly suspect about longevity of Your Marriage.

    If You wish to know further in details and do Remedies, Please GET A PAID CONSULTATION FROM ME.
    Mail me at:

    Astrologer Sourav

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    My d.o.b is 02:35 am , 24.08. 1996

    Please tell if I am manglik or not or is it cancelling . Can I do love marriage

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    The word Manglik is invented by wayside astrologers and it is not a serious defect in a horoscope. If Mars is strong, it is good for sexual potency apart from other things which are signified by Mars. If Mars is weak there will be poor sexual appetite which could harm a happy married life. It is not the houses where Mars is placed which causes any problem. It is the strength of the planet and its behaviour. You can read my blog and your misconceptions will be corrected in this regard.

    Had you given your place of birth, I could have told you how strong Mars is and its nature in your horoscope. Do come through Paid consultation and you will get all the details as given in my blog

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