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Period of uncertainty

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      Dear Astrologer,

      My life has never been so instable recently on the fronts. I’m questioning my job choices and thinking whether I should stay in the company I’m currently working for or I’d better look for something else even if it takes changing the city or the country. Initially, I wanted to go back home (Russia) but because of the current situation I’m not sure if it is a safe and happy place to be even though I miss Moscow a lot.

      The same applies to personal life, I don’t feel attached to anyone right now and even though there’re some nice people around always asking me out, it just doesn’t feel right to start a relationship with anyone at the moment.

      I don’t know what do, and I’m scared that I’ll later on regret some of my choices but at the same time trying to go with my gut.

      Do you mind taking a look at some general energies for June-July in my natal chart? Maybe all these dilemmas are somehow reflected out there?

      D.O.B 23/05/1994, Moscow, Russia (1.30 pm)

      Thank you immensely in advance!

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      It will be very much dependent on where you are working now since you seem to be away from your birthplace. To answer your question, it will be necessary to look at the transit influence of your horoscope at the place where you are now working/residing. Suggest you come through Paid consultation since it involves hours of calculations for evaluating your horoscope both natal and transit abroad. Please read my book as indicated in my Profile on this site.

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        Thank you for your response!

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      Karmik Guidance

      Your energies were low since 2019. But some relief and relaxation has slowly started building from this month (May 2022) onward which will sustain for good period of time. You might start seeing monetary benefits and gain in wealth as this period will progress. I do not see travel right now. To improve your energies you need to spend time helping poor and underprivileged people around you.

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        Thank you!

        Yes I’ve been feeling down over the past couple of years (starting from 2020) even though there were no real reasons for such a pessimistic attitude. On the surface everything seemed more or less okay. Now for some reason I feel optimistic most of the time even though nothing is clear yet. But I hope to get some clarity on my job prospects as well as my love life.

        But thank you anyways!

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      You are very straight forward and noble. Your speech will be sometimes harsh and sometimes very cool. Because of this nature you can not adjust in the present world, as everyone feels you do not have diplomacy. You are sincere.
      Your house of profession is ruled by Venus-Mars-Mars. That mars gives you the ideas of change in profession. If you enter in any job, there are also you will have the same feeling.
      After 23-04-2022 you may be getting ideas of change of job or relationship with someone. As Sun rules your ascendant you can not stoop to such ideas. After 14-06-2023 there are chances for change of job. Your friends try to have relationship with you.
      From 26-12-2024 there are chances for disturbances in marriage or married life.
      Good Luck

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        Thank you for this description!

        It’s true that I’m rather straightforward but at the same time I think too much about hurting other people’s feelings, so oftentimes I just keep my mouth shut.

        Yes, I’ve been thinking about a change of job or at least a position within the same company since the beginning of March-April 2022, so we’ll see if my current boss will be willing to accept my resignation or will suggest something else.

        As for the disturbances for the married life, before going through that period I just hope to experience a happy relationship with someone that I’m genuinely attracted to 😉

        Good luck for you too and thank you again!

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