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Prospect of job and career in the future

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      Anju Arora
      Born in New Delhi India
      26 March 1977
      09:10 am

      I am currently working in Dubai UAE in the same company for more than 10 years but no promotion and financial growth . Now it is too humiliating and got a demotion . What is the future for my career . Will I continue In the same company or will I get any change and some increase in salary or promotion ?
      Please advise
      Thank you

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      You have entered the Saturn Mahadasa from 2019 onward and in comparison with the Jupiter’s Mahadasa it is pretty poor (26% net strength as opposed to 83% in Jupiter) and you cannot expect the same success factor which you had been enjoying so far. You will have to endure such unpleasant situations which cannot be easily overcome. Yes, perhaps you can make a relocation to some other country after checking the suitability for changed planetary dispositions. Read my blog for a full insight into astrology and its implications in life.

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