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    Respected Sirs,

    My DOB- 15.10.1983, TOB- 05.05 a.m, POB-Sangrur (Punjab).
    Is there any chance for me to settle abroad as I am trying very hard to get PR visa but not able to succeed till now?
    If yes, then when it will be possible?
    If no, is there any solution?

    Kindly help me in solving my dilemma.

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    If God wanted you to settle abroad, He would have seen to it that you would have been born there. Now that you are born in Sangrur, you can only travel abroad off and on if you so wish. You are like a cow tied to a tree in Sangrur with a long rope. Where ever you go you will be ruled by your Lagna of the Natal horoscope. Jahaam bhi jaavo, aap rahega a Punjabi!!!

    Astrology can never tell that you will settle down abroad or not. Astrology considers the whole globe as one unit. Where ever you are born you can travel all round the globe. Division of the globe into countries are man made for administrative convenience which is not endorsed by God or Astrology. There will be wayside astrologers who might give you such predictions as you wanted.

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    Respected Sir,

    I can understand what you are trying to convey, and respect your honesty. However, I am going through hard times in my present job, and not able to succeed in my current organisation even after giving my best for the last 10 years. This is the reason why I want to leave this job, and even country, in order to reap the full benefits of my capabilities.
    Could you please clarify why I am facing a troubled professional life despite being capable enough?

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    Sh. Navneet Khanna sir, could you help me on the above-mentioned queries?

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    Where ever you go in this world, when you work for 100 units, your returns will only be worth 45 units. So it very unlikely that you will get recognition of the quantum and quality of work you put in. Suggest you read Srimad Maha Bhagavatam which will make you reconcile with your shortcomings.

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