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Speech and language delay

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      My son will be 4 years this month and he has got speech delay doctor said he is on a risk of autism. He speaks few words, full alphabets, numbers, colours, shapes and babbles a lot but not all words are clear pls suggest some remedies
      Name: Angad Singh Malhotra
      D.of birth: 26/04/2017
      Time:1.47 afternoon
      Place: Dubai

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara Rao


      Your son horoscope is alright ,except few things.

      Nowadays,many children are suffering with autism.

      Such children are speaking well and thinking well after

      finishing his 5th year or 6th year.


      Parents have  to do penance for 6months to improve child’s health.

      Child has to be kept in sunlight daily for 5mins.

      Massage the body of child with water daily morning 10mins and eveniling 10mins.

      Reduce the quantity of milk to the child.

      Read the following article and parents have to follow the methods therein

      to reduce negative magnetism in child.

      Methods of penance—
      3.Daily practise 20 atma pradakshinams(spin) and 5 anga pradakshinams
      (rolling namaskars on floor).You can know the meaning if you ask

      a senior priest in a temple.

      4.Daily sit for 10mins in sunlight to increase your resistance.
      Males should remove shirt and bannian.

      5A-Meditation–Meditation does not mean sitting
      calmly with closed eyes.
      Lord Siva stood under waterfalls and meditated
      for days and months in Himalayas.
      That is why people say Ganga is on his head.
      You have to meditate by sitting under a shower
      (in bath room)for 15mins or 30 mins,as per your capacity.
      While sitting under a shower,you can chant a mantra which
      you like ,so as to get 10 times more effect than ordinary
      chanting in prayer room.
      This method should not be followed in places where
      the climate is very cold..

      Penance essentially means diet discipline and sex discipline.
      Diet discipline does not mean less eating..
      It means to avoid all animal products.
      It is called veganism.

      After practising veganism for two months,the person should
      practise fasting once in 4days or once in 7days.
      On the fasting day,he can eat 5 or 6times, only
      uncooked vegetables.

      Your semen is divine substance in your body.
      Celibacy is most important to lift youself spiritually.
      Such a person can influence the society around him
      Follow strictly veganism method..
      Veganism means to avoid milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,tea,
      icecream,ghee,fish,nonveg,eggs.It means you have to avoid
      all animal products for 6months.
      In addition to veganism,people should avoid sweets,sweet fruits and dry fruits.
      People ,who follow veganism method,can eat meals and tiffins.

      Veganism people should daily eat 150 gms of uncooked vegetables.

      5c-Third method =In this method,closing eyes is not necessary.
      Practising this pose is itself sufficient.It is half inverted pose.
      You practise Downward dog pose (or adho mukha svanasana) in internet. you will get it.

      In the Down dog pose,you can make it more effective,by lifting one leg into air,
      So,two hands and two feet will be on the ground.You lift one leg into air and stay
      like that for one minute.Then you bring down that leg,now lift second leg into air,
      and stay like that for one minute.This is an improvement of Down dog pose.

      Now take 3mutes practise =single leg  down dog pose=
      see  photo in internet.

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      as per the chart. the Natal has elder and younger sibling.  ( total 3 children 2 sons & 1 girl child).

      speech is impaired. you need to do as per the medical advise and there should be progress in due course.

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