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Unemployed since the end of 2020

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      Aarjab Marik

      I am unemployed since 1st December 2020.
      When I will get a job soon and some sort of stability in my career life?
      I am facing rejections only.
      Conspiracy from co workers and boss lead to termination from my job.

      My birth details are:
      Dob- 17/12/1985,
      Time- 1:05pm
      Place- Krishnanagar, West Bengal, India.

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      Astrologer Akash

      You should get a job by February 2023 also start your own business in 2027

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      Aarjab Marik

      Ok thank you very much

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      AArjab Marik

      Will I get any opportunity of joining in any organization this year, I have applied? I am getting depressed day by day.

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      You know the reason why your colleagues don’t like you and your boss is not helpful. Your 2nd house is weak and your way of speaking annoys people. Venus the lord of the 2nd house is very weak in your horoscope. You will have to cultivate the habit of talking nice to people which will solve all your problems in the office.

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      Aarjab Marik

      Right sir, you are correct but sometimes situations arise as such that we have to be harsh and raise our voice to cope up with unavoidable circumstances, same thing happened with me too…still I will try to be more smart in talking with people.

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      That is a better approach to solve your problems.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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