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When i will get married ?

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      Rakshit Singla

      Please let me know when i will ger married ? D.O.B 19-06-1983 Time :- 09:10 AM Place Amritsar Punjab India

      Please answer my question and i will be thankful to you

      Thanks & Regards

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      Dear Rakshit,

      Could you please tell us what is the issue you are facing in getting married? Why didn’t you marry earlier? What is your profession? What is your demand while searching a bride for marriage?

      As per your horoscope, 2nd house Lord Sun is with Rahu and in 12th house. So, it could be a reason astrologically. Because, 2nd house and it’s Lord sees extension of a family. Current MD is of Jupiter.

      So, I have asked you these questions to guide you properly.

      Thank and Regards,
      Astrologer Sourav

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        Rakshit Singla


        I have a own business of woolen & shawls. No such demands while searching bride. Rishte hee nahi aate samaj nahi aa raha, aur kisi se baat karo toh baat aage badti nahi. Ye aaj se nahi shuru se aisa hee hai, jab bhi baat karo baat aage kyun nahi badti.

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      Sandeep Bansal

      Hello Rakhsit Singla

      I had a look at your horoscope and am answering your query. Hope it helps.

      1. First of all, very important to understand, that many important events in our life happen and occur as per our ‘Prarbdha’ which means results due to our past karma.

      2. Important events like marriage occur as per our Prarbdha.

      3. Astrological analysis of your chart:
      a. Your Venus (planet of Marriage) is aspected by Shani – Shani delays things.
      b. Vakri Shani also gives results from one house back – So, Vakri Shani when taken
      in 3rd bhava (3rd bhava is bhagya of marriage) – it creates obstacle in
      c. Shani in 4th bhava of domestic happiness – delay in domestic happiness we seek
      from marriage
      d. Your Sun and Rahu are very close to each other -> its called grahn yog in
      astrology, some people also call it pitra dosha.

      4. Your are undergoing dasha of Jupiter/Mars from feb 2023 to Jan 2024.

      5. As per Parin=bhraman padhatti – your 41st year of life from Jun 23 to Jun 24 will be good as it will provide opportunity for marriage.

      6. Jupiter will gochar in your 10th bhava from April 23 to April 24 and aspect your Shani (lord of 7th bahva and hence lord of marriage).

      7. So, let me assure you of good marriage opportunities from Apr 23 to Apr 24.

      8. Remedies: a. Kindly learn to patient and tolerant
      b. Your horoscope shows that you are very rigid and dogmatic person.
      Learn to be humble and flexible, adjusting. Marriages dont succeed
      without humbleness and adjustment and patience.
      c. Your life will rise after your maarriage
      d. Pray to Lord Hanuman regularly. Visit Shree Ram temple on evenry
      Tuesday and friday and read hanuman chalisa there.

      Thanking you
      Dr Sandeep Bansal

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