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When will we have kids?

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    My DOB: 29-4-91
    Husband DOB: 15-10-86
    Married on 23-1-2015

    Been trying for a long time for babies, but no luck.Now very desperate and hopeless.
    When will be blessed with children?

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    Astrology can answer your question only if you provide the correct time and place of birth too.

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      Apologies sir,

      My DOB: 29-4-91, Chennai, 2:30 am
      Husband DOB: 15-10-86, Pollachi, 7:30 am

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    Your horoscope is pretty weak for happiness from children. Your 5th house is the weakest and the 8th house is also very weak. It is doubtful that you will ever conceive. Perhaps you can try some artificial means like IVF etc. Or you should move out to some very distant places on the globe and settle down there to make changes in your transit horoscope. Read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online which will give you some insight into astrological evaluations.

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    in your chart Mother hood planet is affected. By Medical assistance you may get positive result.

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