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Which profession?

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      Dear sir,
      I am a Computer Science Engineer graduated in 2019 working in IT MNC but i dont like to work in IT field as i feel this field does not belongs to me.
      This is the biggest flaw of our education system that we are not to taught earlier in our schools what actually an Engineers work is, instead we are just taught that anyhow we should be an Engineer.
      It is my humble request to you sir kindly help me finding a better career path where i can excel and suits my astrological combinations.
      6th July 1996 (Male)
      Gwalior (MP)

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      Navneet Khanna

      If you dont want to pursue your career in IT, what do you feel are the other options in front of you?


      Navneet Khanna

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      You are thoroughly unfit for an IT profession. No wonder you are feeling so. Have a look at your planetary strength and nature.

      Planets Nature Net % Strength

      Sun Benefic 2.64
      Moon Benefic 91.50
      Mars Malefic 16.20
      Mercury Malefic 33.03
      Jupiter Benefic 4.89
      Venus Benefic 20.35
      Saturn Malefic 50.84
      Rahu Malefic 11.37
      Kethu Benefic 4.86

      Net Benefic 25.71

      The only powerful benefic planet in your horoscope is the Moon and you will do well in related significations. You can check the internet for more details.

      The Moon is a watery planet. The native may deal in corals, pearls, liquids, milk etc. He may earn through agriculture, water, garments, cows, sugar and other articles ruled by the Moon. The person may be employed in shipping, Navy and water supply departments also. The Moon gives a desire for public life. If the Moon is a strong and a benefic planet he may get fame and happiness.

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      I respect @TMR sir’s reply.
      @Navneet sir, can you please let me know that according to my astro chart.
      Which among these would be the most beneficial career option for me?
      MBA (Masters of Business Administration)
      Govt Jobs
      Self Business
      Or settlement on foreign land(as someone told, shifting to some degrees apart from homeland can change some astro effects)

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      For checking the transit influence to a specific place, a transit horoscope has to be evaluated for that place and it is a very time consuming job. You cannot get such information free of cost. You will have to come through paid consultation.

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