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      Hi Sir,

      My birth details are 11- Jan-1988

      09:34 AM , Kakinada , Andhra Pradesh.

      I am worried about my 4.5 year old son who has delayed development . Unable to communicate and understand completely. Undergoing therapies for the same.

      Though settled in other aspects of life, worried a lot about his progress. When will I be happy with respect to kid. Will he become normal and go to regular school.

      His details

      15 Jan 2017

      05:48 AM, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

      Please reply, No happiness and peace due to this problem

      Thank you,








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      His Moon is very weak with less than 1% strength in his natal horoscope. That is the cause of delay in speech. However he will improve considerably after Dec 2021 when his Venus Mahadasa sets in.

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      Ok Sir.

      Thanks for your response sir.

      From my horoscope , when do u see happiness from kid sir. When will I be relieved from this stress.

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      You already had it when you gave birth to him. Growing and nurturing a child is no easy task. A mother will have to suffer a lot for kid upbringing.

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