Gemini And Gemini – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

Gemini Gemini Compatibility

Now this may seem to be the perfect combination for the best outcomes. You may be wondering the reason as to why I am having a may on this sexual match. The answer is simple. Try adding 1 and 1 together. If the answer is not 1, then you clearly know where I am going with this one. These two are ideally a perfect match for each other, though some setbacks may suffice as you will shortly see.

Who is a typical Gemini?

Before going on with the rest of the content, then it is best to fully understand what defines a perfect Gemini, both male and female. Unequivocally, any Gemini that you come across will always be ready to take risks with life – not fully aware of the consequences at hand. The main drive they have in life is that undying and burning yearn to try out new things.

A First Date Together
Try and think of the situation where you go to a party and find that one person that you know and can connect with for the rest of the night. This is one and the same with the Gemini – Gemini sexual compatibility attempt. The two will connect instantly and you will also notice that they are attracted to one thing – fun. Their dress code and overall communicates nothing more than fun.

Quick Glance At A Typical Relationship

You have to know that unless both Gemini are committed to try and realize their sexual compatibility, then this is bound to fail. This is mainly because neither is willing to stick around in the relationship – they are always trying out new relationships. Their interests include phone sex, teasing and the likes, which clearly communicates that the two are on different books in life, let alone chapters.

Along these lines, assuming that they are actually trying to make their sexual compatibility actually fit, the pervasive talk they mostly engage in are sex jokes which can go on for hours and hours. This will progressively build up the sexual tension between the two and when they can’t hold themselves, then that is when you might want to consider that 1 and 1 will give you a 1!

Naturally, if you are not keen enough to notice, Gemini will be the playful kind. In and out of context as they see fit. This may at times prove to be very annoying, in the sense that there will be cross-purpose. Whatever one mate deems to be ideally fun and worth their while is not what the other has in mind. Simply because they are both Gemini doesn’t mean they like the same things.

From the foregoing, the sexual compatibility of these two may not be as smooth as one would have though. Too much of Gemini is bad for the relationship it may seem. Unless the two remain affixed to work on their sexual compatibility, then this is doomed to fail. Outdoor activities instead of being together on a 24 hour basis is advised – so long wither party will remain faithful to the other.

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