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fixed signs in astrology

fixed signs in astrology

Fixed signs include the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh signs of Zodiac, namely Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius respectively. One common characteristic of these signs is stability, otherwise known as dependability. This implies that the signs rarely change. The main purposes of these signs include, but not limited to, maintaining and upholding certain positions in life, behavior, personalities, and desires. The significance of fixed signs in Zodiac is to uphold or maintain tradition. Here is a detailed look at these Fixed signs in Astrology.


This sign has an earth element that is normally attributed to the steady collection of material things over time, and then taking great care of the possessions. A Taurus takes care of other people’s possessions as his own. Professionally, such a person is usually given a job related to guardianship, insinuating he is a perfect fit for insurance companies. A Taurus is usually goal-oriented because he is sensuous and enjoys seeing results of his work. A typical Taurus will prefer riches to fame and will avoid anything that threatens to reduce his personal wealth.


Leos have a fire element that not only makes them self-expressive and powerful, but also creative and artistic. The fixed quality of Leos makes them find, and idea sticks to it until they achieve what they want. It is actually difficult to change opinions of Leos. Although they like being impressive and friendly, they will do anything to ensure they are the ones making decisions. Their powerful and confident nature makes them good leaders in organizations looking to stick to original goals. In some cases, Leos will alter the rules just to remain in power. The powerful nature is usually attributed to the lion, “the king of the jungle.” Politically, they will stick with a candidate to the end.


The main element of Scorpio is water, which aids strengthening of emotions and relationships. Scorpios love loyalty. They are more likely to keep hold of their friends and lovers for extended periods. Knowing deep emotions of others motivates them to further cement friendship. Too often, they strive to make others reach an agreement, follow fixed strategies and eventually achieve set goals. Scorpio is avid for control, which may make them jealous. Career wise, their emotional nature makes them good sales representatives and negotiators.


The element of this sign is air. Just like Scorpios, Aquarians love permanent relationships. Air is a communicative element that makes these people care for and genuinely loves their friends and family. Aquarians make friends and acquaintances with ease because they like engaging others in their activities. They will their loved ones to death.  Aquarians are generally sympathetic, humanitarian and philanthropic. They love accurate results, so they strictly adhere to pre-planned procedures and undertake orderly steps. It is often attributed to their scientific minds. Aquarians are never in a rush, but will steadily do unique things to achieve their goals. Aquarius sign is normally associated with discovery. Their scientific minds make them goods candidates in organizations looking for inventors and innovative individuals.

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